I’m not sure why I like this picture, but I do. I was saving it for when I make prints, but I’m not sure I’ll go through with making prints out of this. I suppose I would if someone asked, though…DSCN1398


Photo Collage: A Warm Christmas


Christmas 2017 was extremely different than any other Christmas my family has had. I’m used to being indoors, surrounded by my extensively huge (and loud) family, since it was too cold to go out anywhere. The only other time this was different was that one time we took the trip down to my grandparents’ house in Florida. But since we don’t live on the upper east coast anymore and instead live in the very opposite southwest, we don’t worry about cold. And as vastly different as that is, it leaves many opportunities for us to actually leave the house. And so we did.

flicks and fish

This Christmas, my grandparents, cousin, and second older brother came down to visit. And over the course of the holiday where my grandparents were here, we did a lot of fishing. I’ll save my griping for a Facebook post or something, though, and instead share some cool things. Like wild donkeys.


The first place we went was Lake Pleasant, a regional park about two hours away from us (I think). Now for someone with as small an attention span as me, it did get a little boring. But I tried to make the most of it and just allow myself to absorb the beautiful landscape.


Outside of me being artsy as per usual, my grandparents did their fishing, though, it seemed my granddad was the most engrossed in doing so. My grandmom couldn’t have been more fed up, from the hook getting stuck between rocks at the sea floor, to the occasional fish stealing the bait and leaving, to the ducks also trying to eat the bait.

two generations

It was nice to get out of the house at least, despite returning with empty buckets and cold noses from the sea breeze and night chill. I took a lot of pictures, threw a lot of rocks, and spent time outside of my room, which anyone who knows me knows I need here and there.

feisty fish

Monday, Christmas Day, we did more fishing. By now, everyone was kind of in full gripe mode for a few reasons, but we had to swallow it and go anyway. We went back to Lake Pleasant and fished different coves.


These spots had more walking space, which meant more of the cove could be fished at a time, which my father made use of. But the more I looked out on the water, I couldn’t help but wish I owned a kayak. It was one of those scenes where you envision something specific, and that image is so vivid it almost hurts that it’s not real.


When we relocated to the second spot, we finally came to a conclusion about this park and fishing: we need a boat. I remember, before we moved, I was walking past my younger brother who was trying to fish using my dad’s fishing rod when the water started to ripple. He said he hadn’t thrown anything; the water just… started rippling. This happen at least three times before we assumed it was just some feisty fish, messing with our emotions.

pink clouds

The speculation was later confirmed when we moved. My mom (who always makes friends with strangers somehow) was talking to this other guy who had been camping at that spot and trying to catch fish for more than a week. He had one singular fish which he was using to try and bait other fish closer but thus far had no luck. That was the only part of the conversation that I truly tuned in for; after hearing that, I was ready to go home.

ghosts n’ gold

The last time my family did anything on the 26th, we were in Canada, taking advantage of some amazing Boxing Day sales. This year, we went to a ghost town.DSCN1558I’m not exactly sure how my mom found this place, but she did. It’s called Goldfield Ghost Town and I believe it used to be a gold mine as well. Now, it’s this little hub of shops that sell cool nick-knacks and souvenirs. I was tempted to make a purchase a few times, but I was saving my money for clothes shopping later that day.

mammoth saloon

DSCN1565As would suit, the area is full of western themed buildings inclusive of a little train. I’m not sure where it goes, but I assume it’s like a mini-tour, where the guide talks about the history of the mine and how this area came to become a ghost town. There was also a reptile house that I wanted to go through but we weren’t prepared to spend. However, I know what to prepare for future visits.

a grand finale

No visit to Arizona is truly complete without a trip to the Grand Canyon of course. At least, according to my mother.DSCN1599The last time we came to the Grand Canyon, my mom was persistent in taking us to this one part called “Hermit’s Rest”, which was closed at the time. Luckily, this time it was open. A fair portion of the time, my mother was nervously criticizing us (my father included) for taking pictures from arguably daring places. The fact is, any time we come here, mom, I’m gonna want the best pictures I can get.

cactus willie’s
upward gaze

After a while, it started to get a little chilly so no one else wanted to get out of the car anymore. But before giving up, I had to get a picture of the water in the canyon I had seen. I knew water was down there, but I never managed to get a good picture until then. They’re a little low quality but I captured it anyway.


My cousin left before we visited the canyon and my grandparents had caught the flu, which began its rounds around the house. But everyone had some downtime and slowly got better, so I think that’s good. There’s a few speculations as to where it came from: either improper sanitation after so much fishing or just their bodies acclimating to new elevations. Regardless, everyone’s slowly recovering to good health. It’s sort of weird to think about this Christmas in comparison to Christmases in the past. But for me, personally, it was more livable, if that makes sense. A little bit of family, a little fresh air, and just a hint of chaos — not too much.

Let’s see what the new year brings.

Photo Collage: Sedona Lights


This past weekend, my family and I took a late trip to Sedona, about two hours from where we live. I figured it may be a picturesque experience, so I pocketed my (dad’s) camera, and snapped as I went along. The event was a walk-through of a bunch of Christmas lights and similarly themed showings that surrounded various shops and boutiques. So, since it was late at night, there may be some glare. But I wanted to share either way.

the trees are alive


Almost all the trees were wrapped in lights. So much so, the street lights were drowned out. It made the area look even better and a little more alive, in my opinion.


If you can see those little orange lights on the grounds, they were actually candles in paper bags. I wanted to believe they were fake candles, but I looked into a bag and saw a real flame. Is that safe?


Just off to the left (of the previous picture) is this little nook, which I think was everyone’s favorite. Did I mention how cold it was that night?


I’m not sure where you’d find these things, but I need several. This little flame-tower-cage-a-majjigy was where me and my brothers huddled around for at least a cumulative 30mins. It was so warm…


There were stairs a little ways down that path that led to more stores on the upper level. Granted, they were all closed, but curiosity got the best of me and I went up there anyway…


…besides, the great view from above was perfect for a (half decent) picture.

the art of energy


There was this big cage thing that looked interesting. I’m not sure what it is but, like me, it’s bright and very extra. So I gave it some attention.


(the inside view looking out)


Of all the boutiques there, this was one of the few that were open. And also the place we lingered in the most, because my entire family is nothing but a bunch of nerds (link to the artist).


Of all the pieces in the shop, there were mainly two that I found myself drawn to the most.


This was one of the two (the matching piece for the previous picture’s content)…


…and these paper cranes were the second of the two. I’m not sure why, but I really liked this one.

the whats and nows


Oh! I can’t forget to show this giant Christmas tree. Hopefully, my short dad and brothers offer some perspective.


There were a lot of cool things that mostly piqued my artsy, nerdy side. For example, the surplus of kinetic art that was on display. Of all the art forms I remember studying, kinetic art is hands down a favorite.


Though it was really cold and really late, I can’t help it that I just like to see things. And it was a nice (sporadic) trip.

(I saw an arch and thought “that would make a nice photo”, and here we are)

The only thing about this night is that I wish I could have taken a good picture of the sky. There was zero light pollution and the stars came out to play for once…

I even saw my first shooting star.

Inspiration Has Consequences

It seems that now that my inspiration has come back from its vacation, I feel like I’ve been doing something worthwhile with my time. It came back like a flood, really. If you’re curious (or just looking for a filler read), feel free to hear me babble about life and things.

P.S: semi-important notice included

Caption: a sad attempt as filter edits

Peeling Back Bed-Sheets

Maybe it’s my current circumstances but I’ve been spending more time outside of my room than I’m known to. Everyone who lives with me may not agree, but I know me and my habits. For a moment, it felt icky to be around more than my own person. But after a while, I could feel the difference. So on those days when I’m home alone, there are certain things I try to do just to provoke myself to unplug from my bed: eat breakfast or drink tea, and look out of a window. That second bit sounds weird but it satisfies the “get up and move” need. I compare myself to a cat a lot, even down to sitting in direct sunlight just to be warm. But the natural light also kind of wakes me up and opens my mind. I’m a nature lover, so I guess it makes sense to someone in the universe…

Caption: this is my favorite of all the flicks I took today

Arts & Crafts

Alongside this newfound energy to move more, there has been this rush of inspiration lately with me. It seems like everyday I’m making something or working on something, to the point where projects are overlapping and I’m becoming weary that none of it will ever be finished. But there’s so much good content that I want to put my best effort into them so they’ll come out really nice. Maybe it’s because ever since I put up my whiteboard (another mini-project I did a while ago), I’ve been able to visualize my ideas. Everything isn’t crammed into once space that empties out every hour or less. Instead, it’s all written down and in my face so that not only is it captured in its rawest form, but the idea can be revisited.

The original concept for my whiteboard was actually to be a dreamboard. It was going to be a chalkboard and I would just write inspiring quotes and post clippings and pictures of things I wanted to do. That’s not to say that I can’t still do that; this just seemed a little more… realistic to me. You see, I have a tendency to think of the future in a very fantastical way sometimes. Usually, I fully understand that some of it just isn’t real life, but of course that doesn’t stop me from thinking. But for someone like me, a dreamboard would have been a setup up for a mental breakdown. As time passes and I see something on the board, still unaccomplished, it’ll start to eat at me. So I went for something that’s more sensitive to me and a lot more… possible (and less messy).

My whiteboard isn’t much more than a giant sticker, by the way: adhesive whiteboard paper from the store around the corner and some dry-erase markers. I pasted it to my closet doors, one side I use for my calendar and agenda, the other side I use for whatever else. Currently, the second side is my planner board; it has a lengthy bullet list of content to work on, where I left off with which and what I need to do next. That takes me to this next bit…

Caption: I really like the perspective in this picture…

Inspired Hiatus

I think it would be best to take a short break. Nothing major, probably not even a full month, but I won’t dismiss the idea either. There are mainly two things that played into this decision:

  • Of course, I mentioned I have a ton of content I’m working on. Some of it will probably take only a couple hours, but some of it involves more effort over longer periods of times. I was thinking, “why not just publish as you go?” And in case you were thinking the same, I’m sure that wouldn’t be best. I want to start to develop more of a schedule or time frame with my content. Whatever scheduling I choose may not take immediate affect, but this will give me time to feel out what is best for the future.
  • Arguably, the biggest factor would be that I am still in school. The semester ends in the second week of December and I want to make sure to finish out with the same good momentum I’ve been having up to now. Anyone who’s close to me knows I was never the greatest, most scholarly student but my grades this semester do not support that notion at all. And I want to try and keep it that way. I want be able to turn in homework earlier than the day it’s due and still have stress-free downtime. Of course, that’s not to say I substitute study time with working on content; but I want to give myself fewer obligations so I have little excuses.

In my head, I’ll probably be back to posting around the beginning of December, it depends on how much I have ready and available. It honestly feels weird saying that I’ll be on hiatus for a little. The last time I was, it wasn’t a decision I voluntarily made. Maybe this is something like a stepping stone or whatever cliche metaphor for “growing up”.

I think I hit all of the main points I wanted to mention… oh! All of the pictures in this post were taken Tuesday. My dad and I went for a little drive and we saw this one scene that we had to stop and take pictures. I have a strange obsession with taking pictures of flora, perhaps because they cooperate better than people as models. Other than my photography shenanigans, I think that’s all to talk about. If I do post amid the hiatus, it’ll probably just be pictures and quotes, nothing too lengthy. Until then, I hope you look forward to my work.


What kind of content would you like to see from me?