About Me

I’d like to call myself an artistic hobbyist, simply because I have so many. My favorite one is writing. Writing allows freedom; it is the one unbiased realm I use to express myself and escape reality. My passion for writing is one of the reasons I decided to make use of platforms like this one, among others. I found myself fond with writing somewhere in middle school, at about 12 years old. I had an idea for a story outline and tried to put it into words. While it didn’t come out as nicely as I’d have liked it, the feeling was far past what I had anticipated; I knew it involved thought, but I did not expect it to a euphoric degree. I have been writing ever since, trying to improve on my written style and practicing various forms and genres, all for betterment and to experience the escape.

So, naturally, I developed a very thick feeling: wanderlust.

Writing ties with travel in favoritism. Not just because I like the change of environment, but there is an indescribable soothe to the actual travel part of a trip or venture. It is the realistic translation of falling asleep to nature sounds. And I can never have enough. Inherently, Photography becomes another hobby. When you travel, you can’t put the location in your pocket like you can a photo. That makes me a strong believer in capturing memories. Photography is more than pressing a shutter button; there is a sentiment to having the perfect lighting and yelling “cheese” for three different poses.

Facebook and Twitter don’t serve enough feeling of accomplishment when it comes to sharing my progress and achievements. Yes, I’d like the critiques and feedback, but I’d also like the documentation. One may call me a journalist in that sense; I call me future-minded. When I reach the point I strive for, I can look upon my first works and see the evolution. Perhaps this is too “wordy” or “formal” for a blurb that describes me, but both the content and its format account for how one may describe me.

I am KillerCatZiller™ and I am an aspiring artist in more ways than one.


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