Lots of Sand and Rocks

My head has been in too many places to sit down and write about the things I’ve wanted to, but now that I’m slightly more leveled, let’s just get into it.

Spring Break

Almost three weeks ago, my family and I went to Arizona for a little more than a week. I’ll avoid certain details as to why we chose such an estranged place, but I will say I enjoyed the picturesque opportunity. When I wasn’t between my headphones, most of my time was spent looking for scenes to capture, particularly on my Polaroid. Yes, I finally had a chance to use it and I learned a few things about it. Nonetheless, I loved the products I came up with (the good ones at least). We stayed at quite a few hotels so pictures are a lot more scarce than I usually tend to report but I still have a select few to present. Of the many hotels we booked, our collective favorite was Windmill. There were a few things about it that I liked actually, not at all to reference its amenities.


I found myself aching to capture some of the scenes more than I wanted to enjoy the hotel itself. There was a water feature just beside the main building with a fountain in the middle. At one angle, there was flora that I wanted to capture as well… and I tried, but the sprinklers preferred otherwise… Outside of my disagreement with “nature”, there was another floral feature of interest about the hotel.

Caption: A bittersweet victory

There were bushes with oranges growing and I just needed to pick one for the satisfaction of it. So one evening, when my parents were returning to the room, I met my father outside. And he risked his well-being for my oranges. Up until then, I never knew orange bushes had thorns. He picked three oranges for me and I took them inside, rinsed them, cut them to check for any unhealthy signs, and put them in the mini-fridge. I did take a bite of one of course… a very bitter bite. Perhaps this strand of oranges aren’t the sweetest; maybe tree-grown oranges are sweeter?

We did, of course, participate in traditionally tourist activities of course. Tusayan was one of our stops; we visited the Grand Canyon.


I hadn’t known what to expect when the decision was made; I just knew I would be looking at a lot of rocks. It was a breathtaking experience. The adventurer in me could have gotten into dire trouble; I wanted to walk the crooks I could see from where I was standing but that’s not the most recommended idea… Instead, I enjoyed it and took pictures of what I saw… and whatever else caught my eye.

Caption: Photogenic squirrel at the canyon

There isn’t much more to highlight that I have pictures of other than a dear site to our family. For those who are or were avid N64 users, perhaps you’ve heard of the video game Vigilante. There is a certain level where a meteor leaves the players to not only fend off the computer but also a giant ant. Yes, we had the opportunity to see the ant crater.


For the first of two times during this trip, I bought a bag of rocks (yes, you read that correctly). Seeing this in person was interesting; it’s a lot bigger than the video game depicts… After this stop, we began our extensive, cross-country journey home. And my post-break panic kicked in heavily. Instead of going to school the next day, I stayed home frantically trying to catch up on the homework I didn’t do over the break.

School will be ending soon, as I only have a few weeks left until finals. I don’t particularly look forward to what summer brings, but I’m interested in what unfolds. Until then, I’ll put forth my best efforts to shape things to my benefit and press on.

Other Photos


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