If I Could Ask You Anything

Dear persons of whom I won’t name,

Somewhere in time, I will be a great person, be it in my own power or thanks to you, I’ll be that one I aspire to be. But there will be a moment when I look back and think of all of my queries that I chose to withhold because I wasn’t sure. I wasn’t sure if it were safe to put my thoughts into the universe, one where I knew I wasn’t safe. I’m not in that point in time yet, but I already have vaults of curious things I just wish I were comfortable enough to expose… Some I don’t mind to share but others are more vulnerable.

Dear persons who may know my name,

If I were to ask you something, would you answer truthfully? And I mean, with an open heart. If I were to ask you somewhere in the future what your mind was like so many Fall seasons ago, would you think I’m attacking you? Would you wonder what I’m thinking as I further question you? Would you respond with a question? I am a child, I know. I just wonder so much, so often… Do you care enough to answer? Are you like a mother?

Dear persons who wish they knew me,

What is it like to be you? Do you wonder about me often? I wonder about me often because I often cannot quite figure if I am who I think I am… But I think the person people think they are is based on a series of thrills and satisfactions. Do you agree? Do you think that you are what makes you happy? Or perhaps… Are you just the opposite of what upsets you? Do we live in spite and hatred all our lives?

Dear reader,

Can you promise me something? You don’t have to be like a child, but it is always okay to wonder. Some people wonder so much, their body wonders for them (commonly called wandering). Promise me you won’t let them wander alone. These are not lost boys searching for the end of the rainbow; these are humans like us, with active minds that only they can see and feel. They don’t know what they’re wandering into until they’re in it. They just need someone to keep them awake sometimes… We… Promise me you’ll see more than a lackadaisical child, but an ambitious soul, searching for the right path. Be the road sign that shows them where to go. Be like a mother. Do you promise?


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A Wanderer


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