Important Things I’ve Done

This is to share two things I’ve done recently.


Caption: Clic the pic

I haven’t been open about this to many, but for a few weeks or so, I have been working on a little project (if “project” is what you could call it). But now that things are set up, it’s time to share: I have an Etsy Shop.

If you haven’t heard of it, Etsy is a place where artisans can sell and share their creations. Currently, I have one item listed, which is my signature Hair & Body Butter. I’d like to sell prints as well but all in due time. My shop can be accessed via any Etsy links within this post or here.

In terms of tracking KraftyCat (my nickname for my shop), I will make another tab under the Posts tab for all things Etsy. If blog tracking is perhaps a bit much (or you know you’re not one for emails), you could follow my Twitter page as well. Among the many crazy things I share there, I do post about my shop as well. But if that’s too informal for you, following my blog directly or via email is my suggestion.


Caption: Clic the pic


I recently compiled a small ePortfolio for all things KillerCatZiller™.

One of the perks about having a tech class is finding out about all of the cool online tools I’m exposed to. This time, I learned about Pathbrite. It’s a simple set of portfolios; each one has a different theme. I’ve included a set of written works, a photography set, as well as all of the main places around the web you may find me. Some of the photos you may recognize if you have been following this blog for a while. The written works include four pieces, one of which can be found in the archives of my Wattpad page.

This post is rather short, but there isn’t much else to say for these announcements. I hope you support me or continue to if you already have. Doing as little as sharing any links around is support enough.



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