Small Finds

Occasionally, I find old and interesting things in my room. Today, I found my seashells I collected from the last time I visited my grandmother. Here’s to a post consistent of poor quality photos a shorter text than I’m used to:

Caption: I apologize in advance for poor photo quality. My phone camera isn’t a 10/10

It’s been a few years since I grew this collection and today was the first time sifting through them all, removing leftover sand and old broken off shards. I didn’t realize how large a collection it was until I decided to do so, but I carried on since I had already began. I placed them according to a mental gradation of color, texture, or shape, and tried my best to keep that consistent.


This was the “ideal” or typical group of shells, the commercial type ones that are often depicted when you see a seashell on TV shows or commercials. These shells were predominantly white and had the classic seashell shape. There were more that I grouped a little differently because they weren’t consistent with the bulk. Can you see the really small one in the middle? Doesn’t it look more like a baby tooth?


These shells were closer to a thin gray-charcoal color. The deeper gray ones are small and more towards the middle of the group; the shells on the outer circle were the ones I decided not to put in the “ideal” group, because their bottoms were more this color. It made a nice little color grade in the group (which most likely isn’t well depicted with such bad lighting). This group was mostly interesting for the amount of smaller shells it had.


This was perhaps my favorite selection of shells to look at. The photo quality makes them look more deep brownish or red, but these shells are littered with pretty magenta colors and thinner purples. Patterns like that of the color on these shells would do great for a shirt or dress, some piece of clothing. I also noticed a lot of these shells were broken but I refuse to throw away something so pretty because of a little damage (cue Tumblr quote post). Did you notice that one of the shells blend into my carpet a little? I didn’t either…


These were all the shells with a more interesting texture of topical shape or form. These shells were on a scale of really rough and atypical to pleasurably soft. The shell in the middle looks like a dumpling of some kind, so it’s sort of the robin among the crows, ironically. The one just above it felt more like a rock than a shell when I first picked it up. But it didn’t have the weight to match, so I put it here as well.


I wanted to include these shells with the gray pile but the color value and shape contrast was so drastic, I had to give them their space. I have a theory about this pile, actually. Notice all of the broken, long shards? A few summers after this visit, my uncle found a clam shell that he had cracked open (and, yes, there were pearls). These remind me of the inside of that clam shell. Perhaps these are shards of another clam shell? Maybe it wasn’t dismembered in the same way, but it would make sense to me…


Lastly, these two sets are my favorites out of all of my shells. On the left are the smallest shells out of all of them. They look almost like teeth, they’re so precious; I was scared I’d crush or lose them if I held them. On the right is a shell from the abnormal pile and a shell from the magenta shells. The top shell reminds me of something like the Magic Conch Shell from Spongebob (and it tickles me to think about). The second of the two is a really pearly, smooth baby pink. Not only is it pleasing to look at, but much like its friend, it’s smooth to the touch.

Yes, I did have to clean some sand and shards from my carpet, but I didn’t mind. I also have a smaller collection of interesting rocks that I kept, but I didn’t care to take more poor-quality photos. We’ll save that for another post, when I have more of them and a better camera.


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