Daydreaming Alone

dont go.jpg

This is what I know.

Where I’ve grown, where I’ve sown.

This is what I hold to me; here is where I hold to me

This is what I want. This is what I need,

But my desires clash with what I see:

A future that isn’t mine; something being shoved into my arms

Something, no matter how loud I cry, I cannot just discard.

I know because I’ve been trying for some time by now

But closer by the hour



Here comes the flood, to wash away my home

The foundation where my goals began; the place to which I ode

No matter. It’s gone. It always has been

Physical may it not be; Yet I still hear the din

Approaching with a quickness, it’ll be here soon

At my feet, consuming me; I succumb to this monsoon

I pray it devours me quick so that I may rise strong

But as well I pray it washes feelings away of the home for which I long


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