A Spoonful of Honey | JTHL

The first time I conditioned my hair with my new honey mix was the Friday after Thanksgiving day. Before going to bed on the Eve, I established mixing was in my tomorrow agenda and thus was fulfilled. Because I wanted to make enough product to last a few washes, I used a half cup of each ingredient: EVOO, Coconut Oil, Honey, and Conditioner (this time, I measured). I first put the oils in together, whisking the mix before putting it in the microwave to heat for a few seconds as I measured out the honey. Once the oil combination dinged in the microwave, I took the bowl out and added the honey, whisking and heating the mix again. I measured out my conditioner as well while the mix was heating and added once done before giving the concoction a final whisk, making sure to mix it good so that everything could break down and blend as much as possible (despite the consistencies being so different). While I went out to stuff my stomach with ham and other foods my family brought to the table, my mix sat in my cold room.

The following day, I noticed that the ingredients had all separated before chilling. So I took my small whisk I keep with my mixing and making items and mixed the concoction while it was in its container. Come Friday — washing day —  it was the perfect consistency for application. Parting section by section, I applied the conditioner to my dry hair, covered my head with a plastic shower cap, and let it sit for 30minutes (give or take ten more). As I was accustomed to with my last mix, I went and rinsed my homemade deep conditioner out and followed with shampoo. Then, after my shower, I went on to my room, set my laptop up with a movie, took my oil I used to twist my hair (Jamaican Black Castor Oil), and went on into the morning doing so. The school day circled back around on Monday and I was planning on wearing my twists to school… until I removed my head wrap and saw them going every direction known and unknown to man. So I took them out and fluffed my hair. I put on some makeup, and went with my cute and curly teeny-weeny-afro to school. And my confidence skyrocketed with every compliment: “the curls! They be poppin’, yas!” I was very content with my hair for the rest of that week.

As usual, when I was home in my lonely boredom, I continued my research on how to maintain my new found curls and their luscious definition. I came across different things I guessed already: curl activators, twist and retwist, remember to moisturize — the tips every natural knows I suppose. Once I was done with that, I went on to a new inquiry. I like to see if my methods are similar to others who do it, so I searched “how to deep condition”, a DIY version of course. One article I came across said to shampoo first and follow with the deep conditioner. Another said to “pre-poo”, shampoo, then deep condition… So I felt I was doing something wrong. I went back to the search bar: “deep condition with dry hair?” And one article answered me perfectly. It gave a few methods after explaining the pros of deep conditioning. The first was the classic “wet your hair first and shampoo”, another was the pre-poo I mentioned. There was also my question asked by an anonymous “Can you use deep conditioner on dry hair?” The response said it was doable. That is, if you’re willing to deep condition, shampoo, and use a rinse out conditioner to retain the moisture from the product you washed out. This is what made me change my conditioning routine.

My washday showers are doubly longer than my normal showers now. I thoroughly wet my hair, finger detangling as well, add shampoo, detangle some more, and rinse. Then, I follow with my conditioner. Since my hair is wet and easier to maneuver through, I don’t have to comb out small sections and apply; I can simply grab a clump of conditioner in the palm of my hand, rub between both of my hands, and lather it onto my hair. In my mind, the mix will run down the strands of my hair the more I massage the mix in, but to be sure, I take some conditioner and line the edges of my hairline before working the mix through my scalp to reach the roots. Once I feel my head is thoroughly coated, I scrub my scalp and massage the mix in for a good minute or two (equivalent to the verse of a song or so) and place my shower cap on my head. While the mix saturates, I take the time to soap my body down and take care of my other shower necessities. Depending on how long I want the mix to sit determines how much longer I would be in the shower; that is, 5-10 minutes or 10-20 minutes. Regardless, once finished, I rinse thoroughly with cooler water and begin to (finally) exit the bathroom. Once I’m back in the comforts of my room, I twist my hair (though this time, I was not quite in the mood for twisting; I washed, rubbed oil through my hair, wrapped, and went to bed).


(Completed 2/8/2016)


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